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We cater housing sales and leasing services in the elite section in Cambodia. In addition, we have abundant properties for sale and plenty of information about real estate. Moreover, we also provide the buyer with satisfactory decoration services and value-added services to increase the profit for overseas landlords. Our average of house occupancy rate is 90%~95% and the renting growth is more than 10% per year.

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“With the development process of economic globalization, local investors in various countries have been finding a good objects for investment however it have been difficult also for them to find a good once. There are more and more overseas investors are looking for good objects around the world. Cambodia’s foreign investment policy is friendly and the current economy status looks like 30~40 years before in Taiwan. According to our past experience, Cambodia economic is just standing at the stage of rapid development. Many people say that Cambodia’s investment boom has passed. It’s too late to enter in the market. Do you really believe it? For me, I think the best investment is not only on when it the right time to enter in the market, but also in choosing good objects, professional services, tax management and after-sales service and maintenance. Every detail requires experience and professionalism. The customer satisfaction for our team service has been obtained by very high response over these years. We almost provide an average of 6~10% of high profit-return rate for our investor every year, also, accompanied by a stable rental income. If you had missed the golden opportunity of  investing in Taiwan 30~40 years ago, don’t miss Cambodia again. Nowadays, Cambodian real estate just entered a long-term rise and take-off stage. Welcome to join our facebook discussion group and let’s move forward to Cambodia investment together.”

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“This is the first time I invest in overseas real estate. Several months ago while I was in business trip to Cambodia, through friend’s introduction, I have contacted iHouse employee and shared my interest in real estate investment. iHouse staffs patiently introduce their objects on site. Before that, you can also use communication APP to review the objects’ photos & videos provided by iHouse service. The whole process is very carefully and impressive. Almost took half a year, that I carefully studied and asked many questions about the Cambodia real estate. The staff of iHouse are approachable and assisted patiently. Finally, I decided to join the group of iHouse due to their professional background and good service altitude. Last month, my first suite I bought in June, 2018 was also successfully rented with good profitable rate. I am really happy. Maybe iHouse is not a very big investment company, but it is a professional real estate team who watch the market closely, caring and dedicated to investors. I strongly recommend iHouse company to be your first choice on your real-estate investment in Cambodia.”

Mrs. Wang, iHouse-group.com Royal Customer

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Do you want to be a landlord? we offer plenty of information about real estate in Cambodia’s capital city- Phnom Pehn and other large city nearby. We also analyze the latest market demand for you.In recent years, the rent and demand is growing rapidly, Don’;t hesitate! Contact me, now!

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“We have valuable real estate transactions experience and offer you a professional team to analyze the latest information. Our service includes – Professional Financial Advisor, Legal Tax Planning experience, Interior design plan, decorate, remodel ,rent and repair. One-stop shop service to you. Our investors can profit 6%~10% on average per year.”

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“Some landlords might worried about that she/he is from different country /too busy to check information /unfamiliar with procedure /nobody wants to rent etc.”
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  • iHouse service for local people who rent your suite: analyze information about
    landlord’s connection advantages, make sure the situation is stabilize.
  • iHouse service for landlords who purchase a suite: you can easily look up for rental situation and benefit analysis online in real time. We also make sure that your rent is in the steady situation and average occupancy rate is 90%~95%.


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iHouse company located in Cambodia’s capital city-Phnom Pehn, nearby Tuol Tom street which is the most prosperous area.
Different from other agents, we have our own property that can be sold and we are a professional real estate team to serve you not only complete information but also abundant objects, people who want to be landlords in Cambodia can receive plenty of information about real estate and we offer the latest objects for you in real time.(most objects’ profit rate is about 6%~10%,depend on different area.)

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No matter you want to purchase a residence suite or just for investment, Cambodia’s
situation now is similar with 30~40 years ago in Taiwan, economic is growing rapidly and has a lot of commercial possibilities, definitely in real estate industry will be in a limelight in the future. However, there is a risk in every overseas investment, we know your worries and expectation. Depending on our experience, let iHouse hold your back and got the biggest crop. Don’t hesitate to contact us, let ihouse to be your real estate expert.

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