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iHouse cooperation with local companies so you can be a landlord and have a stable income easily.

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Don’t worry, we will take care of everything.

Purchase procedures

  • 1. Contact us:
    We would like to use questionnaire to realize your needs and considerations
  • 2. Confirm your purchase condition:
    We would like to make sure all details indeed, include law and taxation
  • 3. In contract with us:
    In order to safeguard the bilateral rights and interests, when you realize our service procedures, charge conditions and willing to commission by our overseas investment experts, we will let you sign a contract.
  • 4. Gather information about objects:
    After realizing your needs, we will choose the most suitable object for you.
  • 5. Analysis objects and discussion:
    We would like to discuss with you about those objects and analysis of the location,environment,rental situation and information about the tenants.
  • 6. Objects investigation:
    We arrange the expert to introduce the objects in Cambodia in person, at the same time, we would like to guide the environment nearby then analyze the market and investment information for you.
  • 7. Negotiation & Consultation:
    We would like to make an offer first, if you agree, our team will reach an agreement with local seller.
  • 8. contract:
    We will arrange you and the seller to have a contract after negotiation.
  • 9. Prepare lease agreement and other law instrument:
    Our team will assist you in preparing documents needed and then help sending it to agency.
  • 10. Settlement:
    Congratulations! Welcome in Cambodia’s homeowner, you can live here or rent it out to other according to your needs.

iHouse◎your expert partner of real estate in Cambodia.

One Time

Fill in for you, help you for manage & rent

One Encounter, One Chance.
Carpe diem

Our motto is – One Encounter, One Chance. We cherish our first meeting and session is the only one chance. We do everything very cautious and serious, and keep this motto in mind always.

Listen to your heart carefully
Profession and scrupulous

The most important step is – listen to your heart. We know everyone is unique, different person has different preferences.From selecting objects,purchase,transfer property to after purchase service. We customize according to your needs.

Considerate service
Feel like home

We know you’re not quite familiar with Cambodia‘s language or unfamiliar with Cambodia’s laws. Our team has profession interpreter that could lead you into real estate marketing. Let us assist you!

iHouse◎Cambodia’s property purchase, rental and management.

Better than other real estate agencies
Full service and protection

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Located in TK Royal one F1 Room 9 Floor #155, Confederation De La Russie Blvd, Toul Kork

TK Royal one  F1 Room 9 Floor #155, Confederation De La Russie Blvd, Toul Kork

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